ASU Men's Swimming Program Slashed
Nikki Dryden
Arizona State University Men's Swimming Program gets cut due to budget restraints along with Men's Wrestling and Men's Tennis
Along with Arizona State University's male wrestlers and tennis players, the men's swim team woke up Tuesday morning with the devastating news that their program had been cut by the Athletic Department. A press release issued by ASU stated that the cuts would reduce "expenses that will total approximately of $1 million annually," but ASU swim alums are working on raising $5 million to bring back their swim program.

Leading the fight is US National Team member, sprinter Nick Brunelli, who was the school's top star over the last few years. Devastated by the news, he has already set up a "Save ASU Men's Swimming" group on Facebook which in just 2 days has over 3000 members. "We are going to need all the help we can get," Nick told SwimNews today. He plans to set up a website or program for donations as soon as possible.

"I am really disappointed in the situation," Nick told Swimming World earlier this week. "Hopefully, there is a way out of this and it is not officially cut. If it is funding, we will find a way to keep the program alive. If it is not funding, we really want to know what the reason is. Bottom line, we have recruits coming in next year expecting a program."

While the swimmers were told of the decision via email, head men's and women's coach Mike Chasson was not consulted either. "[Arizona State] will be dropping men's swimming and I knew absolutely nothing about it until 45 minutes ago. I am very surprised," Arizona State head coach Mike Chasson told Swimming World.