World Turns Beyond Beijing Focus
Jul 30, 2008

Headlines at the US Open were dominated by Mary Descenza (Naperville, Ill.) and Scott Usher (Grand Island, Neb.). Usher clocked a best time of 2:10.67 in the 20m breaststroke, while Descenza said she had redeemed herself for having 'bummed out' at trials, with a 2:07.26 200m 'fly victory.

The pressure to raise standards continues apace beyond the Olympic arena: behind Usher came John Criste (Saugus, Calif.) on 2:11.46 and Sean Mahoney (Rio Vista, Calif.) on 2:12.57, while Descenza was followed by Lyndsay De Paul (Orange, Calif.) on 2:09.66.

Bobby Bollier (Mission Hills, Ky.) took the 200m 'fly in 1:55.67, ahead of Hidesama Sano (JPN), on 1:56.41. Watch for 15-year-old Lauren Sogar, 200m breaststroke winner on 2:27.38 ahead of Keri Hehn (Fargo, N.D.), on 2:27.60.

The distance free events went to Kelsey Ditto (Austin, Texas) in 8:34.19 and Chat La Tourette (Mission Viejo, Calif.), whose 14:59.49 reminds us that the 15-minute barrier, impressive as it is, is passing into history in terms of it being a pointer to big-time medal contention.