Hackett: D-Day By End October
Sep 7, 2008
Craig Lord

The former Olympic champion who came within a whisker of retaining the 1,500m crown for what would have been an historic third time is to decide on his future soon

Grant Hackett will decide by late October whether to carry on swimming, according to reports Down Under. In Beijing, the distance ace was said to have expressed an interest in Rome 2009 and in racing on until the 2010 Commonwealth Games but his Olympic days are over. 

Married to singer Candice Alley, Hackett is said to be keen on starting a family and enjoying life beyond the pool. However, despite enjoying so much success since 1997, Hackett is still a little hungry for the race.

"It really is a split decision," Hackett told The Herald. "A big part of me wants to keep going and keep racing because I enjoy it so much. But then there is another part. Once I get back into it, am I going to be that motivated to continue those early mornings? There is not one way I'm leaning at this stage -- I'm just trying to enjoy the break."

One decision is made: "I definitely won't be going to the next Olympics because I just think it's unrealistic."

He added: "I don't want to be one of those athletes who hangs around too long, slowly declining and dropping off to not even making a final. I don't want to get to that stage, so there would have to be a decision made by, say, the end of October."

A commerce-law degree and a media career awaits Hackett beyond his swimming days.