Putting Colour In Dolphins' Cheeks
Craig Lord
Aussies get coloured LZR; Americans also out of black; rest of world gets the 'Henry Ford' choice

Australia is wearing the LZR, as we knew it would - but it won't be the Henry Ford variety (you can have any colour as long as its black) for the Dolphins. The maker has put some colour in the Dolphins' cheeks, legs, torso and so forth.

Made by a British company, the suit will only be seen in colour when worn by Australians and Americans in Beijing. The pecking order is complete.

There had been concern that the colour suits would arrive too late for the swimmers to try them out but Australian head coach Alan Thompson told reporters: 'I was a bit concerned, it is a bit funny when things get described to you, but I think they look sharp. I think they like the big yellow stars.'

Meanwhile, Thompson has made inquiries about the level of air quality inside the Watercube after haze was seen to hover high above the pool under the roof.