Phelps: WR - 4:03.84 400 IM
Craig Lord
One down, seven to go: Superfish blows the opposition away on a trajectory to the greatest single sporting performance in history

One down, seven to go. Michael Phelps (USA) blew the opposition away with a world record of 4:03.84 in the 400m medley, his first final on a trajectory to the greatest single sporting performance in history. 

Laszlo Cseh (HUN) shattered the European record to take silver in 4:0616, with Ryan Lochte (USA) claiming bronze in 4:08.09.

Phelps New WR: 54.92 ; 1:56.49; 3:07.05; 4:03.84.

Former WR splits: 55.38; 1:57.32; 3:08.45; 4:05.25.

"I told Bob (Bowman, Phelps' coach) that this would be my last 400 IM, so I've got to go out there and get a good time," said Phelps. "And this was a good time. I wanted to get 4.03, to be honest I didn't feel so good. I knew it was going to need a strong breaststroke when we all turned together at the wall. Then Ryan turned dead even at 200m, so I knew I was going to have to overpower them."

World record progresssion


  • 4:12.36 Tamas Darnyi HUN Perth 8.1.91
  • 4:12.30 Tom Dolan USA Rome 6.9.94
  • 4:11.76 Tom Dolan USA Sydney 17.9.00
  • 4:11.09 Michael Phelps USA Ft Lauderdale 15.8.02
  • 4:10.73 Michael Phelps USA Indianapolis 6.4.03
  • 4:09.09 Michael Phelps USA Barcelona 27.7.03
  • 4:08.41 Michael Phelps USA Long Beach 7.7.04
  • 4:08.26 Michael Phelps USA Athens 13.8.04
  • 4:06.22 Michael Phelps USA Melbourne 1.4.07
  • 4:05.25 Michael Phelps USA   Omaha 29.6.08
  • 4:03.84 Michael Phelps USA   Beijing 10.08.08