Two WRs: Bernard, 47.20; Sullivan 47.05 -100 Free
Craig Lord
French sprinter turns in 22.48 in controlled path to world record in first semi and keeps standard for less than five minutes as Aussie takes it out in 22.44 on way to challenging 46s zone

 Control was the key for Alain Bernard (FRA) as he took the first semi-final out in 22.48 and came home in a world record of 47.20, 0.04sec inside the standard that Eamon Sullivan (AUS) had set in the 4x100m free relay that saw Bernard take his last leg out too hard and collapse at the end.

 Then came Sullivan: 22.44 out and back in 47.05. There, take that - that's sprinting, said Sullivan, who surfs the surface, arms high wheeling. Bernard had held the record for less than five minutes. Sullivan is now challenging the 46sec zone. Imagine what might have been said if you had suggested that a year ago?

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