Taormina Makes Fourth Olympics, in Third Sport
Nikki Dryden
Sheila Taormina, Olympic gold medal swimmer, earns the final spot on the US Pentathlon team heading to Beijing
In 1996, Sheila Taormina won Olympic gold on the American 4x200 free relay, an accomplishment that capped a stand out swim career as an All-American at the University of Georgia. While most swimmers would hang the gold medal up next to their goggles, Taormina decided to add a bike and running shoes to her workout routine.

She excelled again. Taormina reached the peak of Triathlon with a World Championship victory in 2004 and spots on the 2000 and 2004 Olympic Teams. Once again, she didn't hang up her goggles. This time she dropped the bike and added a horse, a sword, and a rifle.

Now she has made Olympic history with her spot on the US Pentathlon team. Today she is the first person to ever qualify for the Olympic Games in 3 different sports.

At 39, Taormina will be one of the oldest members of the US Olympic Team, however as she competes in her fourth Olympic Games, experience will certainly be on her side.