About Us

This Swimnews website was launched in November 1995, making it one of the oldest swimming sites on the internet. When Swimnews Online was launched we posted the full contents of our print mangazine and we were actually one of the first websites on the internet to post the full contents of our publication.

The Swimnews site has won a number of awards over the past few years and has been recognized as the largest and busiest swimming site on the internet.

With the launch of our new Swimnews.com website in November 2001 we hope to add many more services and features for the worldwide swimming community.

Swimnews Magazine was originally called Swim Canada Magazine when it began in Toronto, Canada in 1974. It took the name Swimnews in 1997 and shifted its focus from strictly Canadian content to more of an international focus. Today Swimnews Magazine is one of the most respected publications in Swimming. The magazine is published approximately 10 times a year.

Swimnews Magazine is published and edited by Nick Thierry. Nick is regarded as a leading authority in swimming and its foremost statistician. In 2001 Nick's work and contributiions to the sport of swimming were recognized formally with his induction into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale. Each year Nick regularily produces the FINA LC and SC Swimming Annauls as well as the regularily published World Rankings for both LC and SC swimming.

The Swimnews.com website is produced by Marco Chiesa. Marco originally began his work with Swim Canada Magazine back in 1985 as a freelance photographer providing pictures for the magazine. He continued with this work gradually taking on other aspects of the magazines production to supplement its small staff. This include photo editing and layout work. He help lead the magazine to a more modernized all electronic production in 1990.

In 1994 with internet just entering into people's vocabulary, he saw the opportunity for the publication and the sport to cross all existing geographic and information boudaries which had limited it until that time. With this idea he set about learning how do administer computer servers and aquire the necessary knowledge require to start and manage the Swimnews website. It orignally launched in November of 1995 with just a 64k ISDN connection, with the servers located in the Swimnews office at the time. On its debut the website was an immediate hit with the online swimming community.

With ever increasing traffic it was decided in 1996 to upgrade the connection to 128k ISDN. Due to traffic loads the connection was increased again in 1999 to ADSL providing about 5 times the previous capacity and now in November 2001 it has again been increased in order to provide speedier access to information for its growing audience.

Both Swimnews Magazine and Swimnews.com are independent organizations that receive no financial assistance from any National or International Swimming governing bodies or governments.

However we do receive immeasurable help from many members of the swimming community worldwide who contribute news, information and meet results daily to help keep our staff and the rest of the swimming community informed.

The Swimnews.com website and Swimnews Magazine are the properties of Swimnews Publishing Inc. and Swim Canada Magazine, respectively.